5 quick ways to boost your website leads

Lead generation is one of the most common business challenges we encounter. Is your contact form the only way for someone to become a lead from your website? Are you relying on a blog subscription or newsletter signup to get you new contacts? Do you have an ebook but no one is filling out the form? The good news is you can follow these five steps to increase your website leads, fast. 


1) Offer something juicy. 

In the world of website reciprocity, if you want someone to give you their contact information, you’ll need to give them something they value in return. If time or resources are short, think about the things you already give away as part of your sales process. These could be services, products, tools, discounts, documents and more. If you don’t have any yourself, maybe you belong to an association or other group that has produced material you could use. Choose an item that’s popular, put it on your website, then ask people to fill out a form to get it.   


2) Put your offer on your most visited pages. 

Determine which of your website’s pages are visited the most, then advertise your offer there—if it makes sense with the content of the page, of course. That way you’ll get the most eyes on your offer.


3) Experiment with different calls-to-action. 

The button or link that someone clicks to learn more about your offer is a simple thing to alter. Make different versions of the CTA, playing with copy, colour, placement, size etc. This process is called A/B testing, and it can help you identify the best call-to-action to inspire a click.


4) Create a landing page. 

Clicks are good, but conversions are what you’re really after. To convince your ideal customer to fill out the form, make sure you have a page dedicated to telling them why they want what you’re offering. The page should have a compelling headline and copy that describes all the great stuff they’ll receive, especially those things that they won’t get anywhere else. 


5) Tweak your form. 

To increase leads, take a look at your form. The shorter your form the better, so only ask for the information that you absolutely need. Another tip is to ensure the length of your form matches the value of your offer. For a newsletter signup or quick checklist download, you should probably ask for nothing more than name and email address. For a free consultation, which is a higher value offer, you can ask for more details. Another aspect of your form to play with is its position on the landing page. 


So there you have it: five fast ways to turn your website into a lead generation machine. Find the right offer, advertise it on pages that already get a lot of views, find the call-to-action that inspires the most clicks, sell the benefits of your offer with a dedicated landing page for the offer, and make your form short and sweet. Kind of like this post.


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Jen Dawson

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