Why We Love Agile

We heart Agile. So why should you care?

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is an approach to marketing that uses the principles of agile methodologies. Teams work together to identify and prioritize high-value projects. These projects get completed iteratively in sprints (we work in 1-week sprints, which we find most effective). Sprints are short periods of intensive work to produce rapid results and campaigns that can be tested and optimized over time.

What’s So Great About Agile?

Agile marketing is great because it delivers value early and often instead of waiting for perfection. Agile is incredibly productive and results-driven; it’s hard not to fall in love with it.


Here are the main benefits of Agile marketing:


  • Rapid, iterative releases. The sprint cycle allows teams to work intensely to produce iterative work releases. These iterations will enable you to course-correct and adjust your plan of action every week or two.

  • Data-driven decisions. Agile teams are driven by data produced from each iteration. This data allows for testing, optimization, and new experiments, ultimately leading to greatness.

  • Teamwork and collaboration. Burn down the silos. Agile teams work in flat organizational structures, where every team member is valued and involved in each project.

  • Process transparency. With daily stand-ups (short, efficient team meetings where you stand up to speed things up), agile marketing facilitates process transparency and collaboration. Using online tools with a Kanban board, you get visibility into all projects, tasks, and subtasks. Stand-ups reference these Kanban boards and communicate daily priorities and blockers to getting things done.


We’ve only scratched the surface of Agile, but we hope that gives you a good idea of how it works and why it’s so valuable to our clients and us.


We asked ourselves what we love about Agile, and here’s what a few of our team members had to say.


Paul Dolanjski


The Agile methodology is great. And here’s why: you, the client, are part of the process. We get to build, and you get to test out a product very quickly without needing to sink a huge amount of time into scoping the whole thing out. We collaborate on each iteration of the product, learning during the process and focusing on the results you are looking to achieve rather than building everything under the sun.


Marco Posteraro


Although I’m new to the methodology, the thing I love most about Agile is collaboration. Agile development brings all the parties to the table, allowing thoughts and ideas to be shared and developed, insights to be explored, and any issues during the specified time frame to be investigated and resolved. Collaboration between team members and stakeholders in the process means the product becomes visible faster, with less cost and fewer issues—all of which are fantastic. But what’s even better is that Agile builds stronger relationships with everyone involved and increases the productivity and effectiveness for future projects every time.


Steph Fletcher


The Agile methodology is my favourite way to work. I’ve worked in both fast-paced environments and in the public sector, which is notoriously slow-moving. And hands-down Agile is the most efficient way to work and get results. The results aren’t the finished product but rather an iteration of the product that you collectively work on as a team. And the collaboration between team members builds trust, sparks creativity, promotes continuous learning, and creates accountability. I suppose Agile isn’t for everyone because it is so intense, but I’m a big proponent! 


Steph Fletcher

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